Random Acts of Kindness Cards

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People all over the world are spreading kindness right now and you can too. Just add these kindness cards to your daily routine and your children will soon be in the habit of spreading kindness. 

These Random Acts of Kindness printables will encourage your children to show kindness, gratitude, and compassion to friends, family, and your community.

64 Fun Random Acts of Kindness Cards 


Leave a nice note in a library book

Hold the door for someone

Wash someone's car

Bake Dessert for a neighbor

Leave bubbles or a gift on someone's doorstep. 

Wash a neighbor's dog (for free)

Help return carts at the grocery store. 

Leave change at a vending machine.

Take a sibling outside to play

Draw pictures for friends

Call a grandparent to say hi

Encourage someone

Make a homemade bird feeder 

Invite someone new to play with you