Daily Schedule for Kids - Picture Schedule and Autism Visual Schedule Printables

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Setting a daily schedule for kids isn't hard to do and it's actually a great practice to set into place at a young age. Kids find comfort in knowing that there is order and a certain way that activities are done.
  • 54 Pages
  • Printing and Assembly Instructions
  • Pictures of Clocks for Timing
  • Month, Day of the Week, Special Event Chart
  • Season and Weather Chart
  • Routine Charts
  • Things I need Chart
  • Days of the Week Labels
  • The Month Labels, Seasons Labels, Number Cards, Weather cards, Holidays
  • Things I need Visual Cards
  • Daily Activities Cards
  • School Schedule and Supplies Cards
  • Visual Cards for Places you go
  • Visual Schedule Cards for How I Feel and Coping Strategies
  • My Feelings Chart